Post-natal PAR-Q

Prior to starting with Bumps & Bubs, we require everyone to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q). All data is securely stored in accordance with GDPR guidelines.

Post-natal PAR-Q

Your details

Emergency contact

Your health

Unfortunately we are unable to begin training with anyone who has not been cleared for exercise by their GP, please contact us to discuss your options.

Your child and your birth experience

Your Pregnancy and Postnatal Experience

Please include daily movement, going for walks etc

A little more about you

The following questions are optional, but will help us tailor our training to your needs.

During classes and sessions we discuss different topics such as pelvic floor health, nutrition, sleep, and stress. As these factors may all have an impact on your training and your results to varying degrees.


Pregnancy and birth is amazing but can also be difficult time for mothers and woman may have experienced trauma. Is there anything that you are uncomfortable discussing during sessions?

We are a breastfeeding friendly venue and private space to feed is available. We also have bottle wamers and facilities for heating food for babies and toddlers.

This question is asked as certain exercise positions may be uncomfortable for breast feeding mothers.

Pelvic Health

This is being asked is some exercises may have to be adapted for your needs.

Your training

Past birth experience(s)

Have you given birth before your most recent child?

We are aware that not all previous birth experiences may have been positive, but if you have any of these that you feel are relevant and you are comfortable sharing then please do